An avid outdoorsman and self-taught photographer, I have been photographing the natural world for over 15 years. My dedication to the craft, coupled with a strong desire to travel, has taken me to some of the most spectacular locations across the US. 

My undeniable passion for nature, combined with a keen eye for composition, is what allows me to capture the beauty I find in all things wild, and later turn this beauty into fine works of art. My photographs have appeared in the pages of both regional and international publications across the globe. When I am not photographing, I prefer to spend my free time hiking, fly fishing, backpacking, and exploring the rugged and vast wilderness of Montana.


Thank you for taking the time to have a look at the natural world as I see it. Growing up in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, my love of nature and wildlife started at a very young age. I would set out into the forest in hopes of documenting the secret lives of wild animals through the help of their footprints. As I became more adept in tracking and reading sign I also started carrying a camera to record what I found. As time went on, I found myself wanting more than just photographs of footprints in the sand and decided to use my skills to locate and photograph the animals that made the footprints. I soon discovered this was easier said than done.

It wasn't until 2006, when I participated in a wildlife tracking expedition in Yellowstone National Park, that I realized that I wanted to pursue a career as a professional nature photographer. For years I dreamed of moving closer to an area rich in wildlife, and wilderness. The mountains of Montana were calling my name...

I have always been intrigued by the early explorers of these vast, untamed wilderness areas. It is the wilderness that brings me clarity and peace that cannot be found in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My relationship with the land and the wild animals that live in these beautiful, but hostile, environments is what drives me to explore and capture these unique moments in time. My photographs are the result of many hours of patience and dedication on my part, and sometimes a little luck. Often times I am hiking, climbing, bushwhacking, or skiing into the backcountry to bring back something truly unique.

Through my work I hope to raise awareness for the continued protection of these wild places so that future generations can enjoy all that they have to offer. We must never forget, wilderness is more than just a natural place; it is a place that we go to for inspiration.